How is Apricot Dried and How can We Produce Dried Apricots?

Malatya, especially apricot grown in many parts of our country, is consumed as dried fruits as well as consumed as fruit. How is the apricot dried?

When the apricot is dried, only the water is removed without loss of nutritional values. Approximately 5 kilos of fresh apricots and 1 kilo of dried apricots are obtained. Dried apricots are rich in beta-carotene. You can also get minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, silicon, phosphorus and vitamin C from dried apricots.

Drying Apricot

Wash the apricots thoroughly.
If you will dry the apricots, clean the cover at the same time.
Spread on the cover so that the apricots you wash do not touch each other.
Leave the apricots for 2-3 days like this.
Wait for 2-3 days and remove the nuclei of the softening apricots by pressing them from the bottom.
Put the apricots that you removed from the cores on top again.
After a few days, the apricot drying process is completed.

How to Dry Apricot in the Kiln
You choose to dry out the apricots. The raw apricot will be sour. If you wait in front of the window in an unopened apricot bag, it will mature for a few days. Source is dried apricot exporters

Dry the apricots thoroughly.
Throw the rotten ones.
Then cut off the apricots in half and remove the seeds.
Face the flesh of the apricots that you remove from the cores as if they were outside.
Put greasy paper on the oven tray.
Arrange the apricots on the pan so that the fleshy portions look up.
Heat the oven at the lowest level (up to 100 degrees).
Wait 10-12 hours for the drying of the apricots.
Turn the apricots together.
When the drying process is completed, the skin of the apricots should be a little soft.
After the dried apricots have cooled down, store them in a glass jar.
Things to Watch While Drying Apricots
If the apricots do not wait long enough, they will remain soft, if they are very dry they lose their flavor.

Store the dried apricots in the jar.
Bon Appetit.

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